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Why Should Salon & Spa Businesses Use Email Marketing?

business solutions email marketing marketing services May 22, 2020

Email marketing is a great channel for Salon & Spa Businesses to use in their marketing strategy. On average, for every $1 spent on email marketing efforts, you’re getting $38 back in ROI—that’s a 3800% return. Email marketing will help you reach more people, more often, and make more money.

Social media can be a great marketing tool, but the majority of people would rather be subject to promotional content from a company that’s relevant to them or they’ve already subscribed to versus an array of social media ads. Despite the fact that social media is becoming more popular by the day, you’re 6X more likely to get a click-through on email versus twitter. 

At least 75% of small businesses want to purchase marketing automation software over the next year, and you can be the one to sell it to them. Use email marketing software to create automated email campaigns that act as a funnel to prompt a purchase.

Types of Campaigns

There are four types of email campaigns you’ll be sending to your clients. Whether it’s informative content or a call-to-action, you want your email to have a purpose.

  • Newsletters to keep your client's customers updated on their business.
  • Drip campaigns to improve engagement with clients.
  • Sales campaigns to notify your client's customers about timely deals and promotions.
  • Holiday/event emails to improve brand recognition with your client and inform their customer base of local events. 

Steps to Create Your First Campaign

Step 1: Pick a purpose; acquisition, adoption, or upsell.

Step 2: Create or choose from existing content.

Step 3: Set the time “delay”

Step 4: Set your campaign configurations, if desired.

Step 5: Set your automations by market, if desired

Step 6: Preview and test your campaign

Step 7: Publish


Step 1: Pick Your Purpose

Customer Acquisition

  • Sent to new prospects
  • Campaigns help you to produce more “hot” sales leads who are ready to engage
  • Acquire new clients by sending them a snapshot report of their business

Product Upsell

  • Sent to existing clients
  • Campaigns help increase the average number of products per customer
  • Introduces new products to your clients, why it’s important, and why they should have it

Product Adoption

  • Sent to existing clients
  • Campaigns help to increase the number of active users who see value in your products
  • Email clients your “how-to” guide for using specific DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products. If they’re using DIFM (Do-It-For-Me), this is where you can thank them for their purchase.

Step 2: Create or Choose From Recommended Campaigns

Choose a Recommended Campaign

Building email campaigns can be a hassle, so we’ve done the legwork for you—all you need to do is add in your unique details. We’ve built ready-made campaigns that are proven to generate hot leads.

These automated campaigns will allow your team to connect with more clients and determine where it’s best to spend their time.

To access these recommended campaigns register for The Complete Spa Business Regimen Online Course Today

Create Your Own Campaign

Create unique campaigns tailored to your unique brand identity and the solutions you can offer.  The framework for simplifying your email marketing is all done for you in the Complete Spa Business Regimen Online Course and you'll have access to support when you need it most.

Step 3: Set Your Time Delay

Setting your time delay allows you to decide how many days lie between your emails.

This way you’re able to adjust your campaign so that you’re not sending emails too often or not often enough.

PRO TIP: We recommend using a low frequency of emails for acquisition and upsell campaigns—about one email per week. High frequency emails are more suited for adoption campaigns—about three emails per week.

Step 4: Campaign Configuration

Make sure all your campaign configurations are correct. Start by picking a time zone, and setting the maximum number of accounts that can be added to a campaign per day.

This will help your team receive a steady flow of timely leads, rather than getting overwhelmed with too many at once.

Step 5: Automation

Automation will help you in the way that, if you’re introducing a new product or service for your customer, that customer will automatically stop receiving the acquisition campaign and start receiving an adoption campaign.

The automation settings are set up in an “if this, then that” workflow, allowing you to start and stop specific emails.

Step 6: Preview & Test your Campaign

Email clients—such as Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook—display emails differently. As such, we suggest that you preview and test your emails. You need to make sure everything looks great and that all of your links are working properly. Send each email to your own email address or, better yet, a third-party testing tool like Litmus Checklist.

Step 7: Publish & Monitor

Hit Publish to start your campaign. However, the work doesn’t stop here—make sure you’re monitoring your metrics and tracking your campaign performance.

Not sure you're ready to take control of your email marketing campaigns? Richard Merrill Consulting has a variety of done-with-me and done-for-me service options. Check out our marketing services today or schedule a complimentary call on the Let's Chat tab to disco customized solutions that fir your needs.


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