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Our Mission is to incorporate, elevate and accelerate spa professionals to focus their attention on providing quality products and services.

Our products and services ensure compliance with a unique brand identity accelerated by fundamental business strategies.

The Complete Spa Business Regimen supports Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Beauty Professionals, Nail Technicians, and Massage Therapists in boosting revenue-generating activity to achieve a minimum of $250,000 Gross Annual Revenue if you are ready to grow your revenue schedule a Complete Planning Session Today!

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Step 1: Complete the Business Needs Assessment
In the first step in your journey to success, you will begin by completing the Business Needs Assessment to gain clarity about your business. Part of the journey is, to be honest with yourself and others about your needs, create transparency in your actions, and overcome limiting beliefs. CLICK HERE to complete the assessment.Step 2: Book The Complete Planning SessionWhen you have completed the Business Needs Assessment, you are qualified for a FREE 60 Minute Complete Planning Session. During this Recorded Zoom Session, we will review your answers to the assessment, create an action plan to achieve your top three goals for growing your business, and discuss the next steps for support and guidance. CLICK HERE to book your Complete Planning Session today!Step 3: Show Up!First-time callers are guaranteed a FREE 60 Minute Complete Planning Session ($247 Value), but there are a few rules. You must sign the session agreement emailed at the time of your appointment request. You must show up to your appointment on time. Should you miss your appointment you will have two options:1. Pay the Cancellation Fee of $148.50 and reschedule your Free Session

2. Waive the Cancellation Fee by rescheduling your session at the minimum advertised price.

You will receive a text message 15 minutes after your appointment starts time to choose the option that is best for you.

Are you ready to Accelerate your Growth?

The Complete Spa Business Regimen: An Online Business Growth Accelerator for a Successful Spa Practice uses easy to implement revenue-generating activities, assessments, and complimentary formatted worksheets and templates to guide spa professionals through each feature of business development. This online course covers critical business topics such as the need to develop a unique brand identity that communicates the business’ mission, vision, and strategic action plan; understanding demographics and identifying their target market; purchasing products and equipment; technology and computer systems; developing key marketing tools and strategies for the digital age and local business strategies; analyzing sales and productivity; promoting retail and service sales, developing an award-winning client experience, managing customer and employee relations; using financial planning and management tools with affordable compensation strategies that will assist spa professionals in growing their business and managing day to day operations with pride, passion and profit.

Here is what you will access immediately:

Strategic Planning

This module is designed to help you take inventory of your existing business and career to gain a clear vision of where you need to focus your revenue-generating activities.

Unique Brand Identity

Developing a Unique Brand Identity is the first step in developing the long-term value of your spa. These lessons will walk you through developing your brand style guide.

Implement a Predictable Selling System

This module is designed to help you create an effective sales plan that builds off your brand's mission & vision. Predictable Selling Systems are the backbone of your spa business success.

Marketing Your Business: Part I - Research & Planning

Enhance your business' online and offline presence while engaging your audience to become your greatest brand ambassadors for scaleable success and tracking.

Marketing Your Business: Part II - Traditional Marketing

Enhance offline presence while engaging your audience to become your greatest brand ambassadors for scaleable success and tracking.

Marketing Your Business: Part III - Digital Marketing

Enhance your business' online presence while engaging your audience to become your greatest brand ambassadors for scaleable success and tracking.

Award-Winning Client Experience

Your service demonstrates your pride and passion for results. This module helps you turn your process into a massive referral engine.

Spa Financial Planning 

Once you have established how you will generate revenue in your business it is important to organize, track, and update that data.

Managing Operations

Do you have a written operations plan? This module will support you in creating, implementing, & executing this process with ease.

Managing Human Resources

Delegation is an integral step in success. Learn how to manage your time, resources & team without stress.

Accountability Sessions

Get support when you need it most. Sessions may be booked online anytime.

Tools & Templates

Lessons are paired with templates to make implementation simple.

Community Support

An exclusive members-only community + our FREE Facebook Group

FREE Complete Planning Session

How can a single call transform your spa business?

This isn't just any call, this is a TARGETED STRATEGIC PLANNING session to increase your revenue-generating activities and give you a detailed plan of action for continued success.

In one FREE, no strings attached consultation, we'll discuss your business goals, evaluate your needs assessment, and determine where you are versus where you want to be!

We don't title this the COMPLETE PLANNING SESSION to "hook" people -- no -- we call it that because that's exactly what you get! We are experts at scaling spa practices fast. Our proven spa marketing strategies are designed to have high-quality clients BOOKED on your calendar!

Since 2019, we have helped over 100 businesses increase their sales through our proven spa business systems and revenue-generating activites.

Are you ready to be our next success story? Schedule your FREE call today!