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The Complete Spa Business Regimen is Self-Paced Online Course for Licensed Spa Professionals

Are you ready to Accelerate your Growth?

Are you ready to supercharge your spa industry career growth? Introducing "The Complete Spa Business Regimen," a self-paced online course meticulously designed for licensed spa professionals. Unleash your potential as you dive into a transformative journey that accelerates your business growth and ensures sustainable success. This course empowers you to navigate every facet of business development confidently through easy-to-implement revenue-generating activities, insightful assessments, and ready-to-use templates.

Accelerate Your Growth:
"The Complete Spa Business Regimen" isn't just a course—it's an accelerator for your success. Prepare to harness strategies that align your passion with profit, elevating your spa practice to new heights.

Course Highlights:

Embark on an immersive journey that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to amplify your spa business's growth. Here's a glimpse into the transformative insights each module offers:

Course Onboarding

Ready for a transformative adventure? Prepare for your 60-minute Zoom Session and experience a custom-curated virtual tour through The Complete Spa Business Regimen.

Getting Started

Lay the foundation for success by adopting productive habits, organizing your efforts, and immersing yourself in the vibrant community. Prepare to embark on a journey that sets the tone for your spa business mastery.

Module 1: Strategic Planning

Create a detailed roadmap for success by mastering the art of strategic planning. Craft a roadmap that guides your business to its full potential. 

  • Business Needs Assessment
  • Professional Bio
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Mission & Vision Statement
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Module 2: Create a Unique Brand Identity

Forge a brand identity that resonates with your audience. Communicate your mission, vision, and strategic action plan through a unique brand identity.

  • Define your Purpose
  • Set Font Guidelines
  • Establish Color Scheme
  • Organize Logos
  • Implement Brand Style Guide

Module 3: Implement A Predictable Selling System

Unlock the power of a predictable selling system that supports your brand's mission and vision. Turn your process into a referral engine.

  • Improve Client Acquisition Strategies
  • Assess Distribution Channel Options & Prioritize Goals
  • Strategize Strategic Brand Partnerships
  • Establish Benchmarking
  • Create a 12-Month Sales Plan

Module 4: Marketing Your Business

Part I: Research & Planning

Elevate your business through meticulous research and planning—craft strategies to enhance your online and offline presence.

  • Understanding Marketing Needs
  • Defining Target Market Demographic
  • Establishing an Effective Marketing Budget
  • Perform Market Research Analysis
  • Perform Competitor Analysis 
Part II: Traditional Marketing

Infuse traditional marketing strategies with modern insights. Amplify your reach while nurturing the loyalty cultivated from previous lessons.

  • Establish Diverse Advertising Guidelines
  • Implement Effective Marketing Collateral (Business Cards, Rack Cards, Brochures, etc)
  • Establish a Public Relations Strategy
  • Implement 12-Months of Service, Product, Event and Cause Marketing Planning
Part III: Digital Marketing

Harness the boundless potential of digital marketing. Elevate your online presence and cultivate a legion of brand advocates.

  • Establish an Effective Website
  • Improve Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Implement Automated Email Marketing
  • Implement Content Marketing: Blog, Vlog, and Social Media
  • Command Authority and Brand Loyalty Online

Module 5: The Client Experience

Transform your services into an unparalleled client experience. Foster loyalty and turn clients into devoted brand ambassadors. 

  • Implement a predictable 6 Figure Consultation Process
  • Develop Customized Signature Services
  • Increase Value with Service Enhancements
  • Improve Retail & Rebooking
  • Establish Follow-up & Client Retention Procedures

Module 6: Financial Management

Navigate the realm of financial planning with confidence. Master tools that optimize profitability and financial management.Bookkeeping Basics

  • Implement Financial Statements
  • Understanding Expenses: Labor, Materials, Overhead & Profits
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Prepare for Funding Solutions

Module 7: Managing Operations

Enhance your operational prowess. Optimize day-to-day activities for streamlined efficiency and productivity.

  • Operations as a Differentiator
  • Goals vs. Operations Activities
  • Quality Control
  • Create an Operating Manual.
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators

Module 8: Managing Human Resources

Forge a dynamic team culture. Manage human resources with finesse, nurturing a motivated and engaged workforce.

  • The Benefits of Delegation
  • Managing Staff
  • Attaining Peak Performance
  • Implement Human Resources Tools: Employee Handbook, Onboarding, Training, Compensation Structure and Career Path

Independent Study


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  • One-Year Access to The Complete Spa Business Regimen
  • Lifetime Access is earned by completing the course within one year (365 days) of your registration.
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  • One-Year Access to The Complete Spa Business Regimen

  • Lifetime Access is earned by completing the course within one year (365 days) of your registration.

  • 12 - Recorded Accountability Sessions ($2564 Value)

  • 12 - Fulfillment Requests ($2564 Value)

Value: $8,125

Savings: $3,128





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  • One-Year Access to The Complete Spa Business Regimen

  • Lifetime Access is earned by completing the course within one year (365 days) of your registration.

  • 24 - Recorded Accountability Sessions ($7,128 Value)

  • 12 - Fulfillment Requests ($2564 Value)

Value: $12,689

Savings: $2,692



Enhance Your Learning Experience

Unlock exclusive bonuses that amplify your learning journey and propel you toward unparalleled success. From personalized support to essential tools, these bonuses elevate your experience, ensuring you have everything you need to flourish in the spa industry.

Accountability Sessions:

Navigate challenges with confidence. Access personalized support precisely when you need it. Our "Done-With-You" accountability sessions provide expert guidance, helping you overcome hurdles and stay on track. Whether seeking clarity or advice, these sessions empower you to tackle obstacles head-on. Simply book sessions online and receive the targeted assistance you deserve.

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Fulfillment Requests:

Streamline your progress with unparalleled support. Our "Done-For-You" fulfillment sessions offer expert assistance precisely when you need it. Seamlessly book sessions online to receive dedicated support that empowers your journey. Whether you're fine-tuning strategies or need expert insights, these sessions ensure you're always with others on your path to success.

  • Do-It-For-Me: Includes 12 Sessions ($2564 Value)
  • Do-It-With-Me: Includes 12 Sessions ($2564 Value)
  • Independent Study: 50% Off Sessions

Tools & Templates:

Simplify implementation with ready-to-use tools and templates. Every lesson is paired with meticulously crafted templates that facilitate seamless execution. These resources streamline your efforts, allowing you to put theory into practice effortlessly. Unlock the power of practicality and ensure your newfound knowledge translates into tangible results.

  • Strategic Planning: Professional Bio, SWOT Analysis, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, SMART Goals
  • Unique Brand Identity: Brand Style Guide
  • Implementing a Predictable Selling System: Organize: Products, Services, Discounts, and Packages. Create Client Personas, Sales Scripts, Brand Partnerships, Benchmarking, Annual Service Hours, Standard Operating Procedures: Sales.
  • Marketing: 12 Month Marketing Plan, Research & Development, Print Collateral, Press Releases, Email Marketing, Blog Marketing, Social Media Content, Standard Operating Procedures: Marketing.
  • Client Experience: Service Protocols, Sales Tools, Automations
  • Financial Planning: Inventory Tracking, Cost Per Service Worksheets, Income Statement Worksheet, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Projections & Budgeting Tools.
  • Operations: Operations Manual
  • Human Resources: Job Descriptions, Staff Tracking Documents, Employee Handbook, Training Documents, Standard Operating Procedures.

Community Support:

Join a thriving community of like-minded professionals. Access an exclusive members-only community that fosters collaboration, networking, and mutual growth within the online education platform. Additionally, dive into our vibrant and interactive FREE Facebook Group, “The Complete Spa Business Community,” connecting you with peers, mentors, and industry experts. Forge connections, share insights, and receive support within a dynamic and welcoming environment.

Certificate of Completion:

Your journey through "The Complete Spa Business Regimen" has equipped you with a comprehensive toolkit for success in the spa industry. As a Complete Spa Business Insider, you've delved into strategic planning, branding, selling systems, marketing, client experiences, financial planning, operations, human resources, and much more. This certificate symbolizes your expertise and readiness to excel in every facet of the spa business.

Discounted Attendance to The Complete Spa Business Retreat:

Elevate your learning experience with hands-on training. As a course graduate, enjoy exclusive access to discounted attendance at The Complete Spa Business Retreat. Immerse yourself in immersive workshops, networking opportunities, and expert-led sessions. Enhance your knowledge, skills, and connections in an environment designed to accelerate your growth.

  • Registered Students will receive COMPLIMENTARY Virtual Access to the retreat the year of their registration.
  • Alumni will receive exclusive pricing within the Online Education Platform for In-Person and Virtual Attendance.

Access Alumni Pricing for Life:

Your journey doesn't end with graduation—it evolves. Upon completing The Complete Spa Business Regimen, unlock a lifetime privilege: access to Alumni Pricing. You can continue your journey with future course updates and retreats at special rates designed exclusively for our valued alums. Your commitment to growth is rewarded with continued affordability and opportunity.

Enrich your learning experience with these transformative bonuses, designed to maximize your potential, foster community, and pave the way for a prosperous future in the spa industry. Elevate your journey with personalized support, practical resources, and exclusive access that set you on a trajectory of excellence.


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The Complete Planning Session

Richard Merrill, Founder/CEO Richard Merrill Consulting, LLC


Richard Merrill is a 15+ year beauty industry expert, award winning licensed esthetician in CA and WA with a variety of real-world experience and multiple six-figure success stories. Richard built his career specializing in skin care, however these principles can be applied to every aspect of the beauty industry from Skincare to Lashes, Waxing and Haircare.

JEN SMITH, Licensed Esthetician, Salon Owner, Skin Essentials


Licensed Esthetician / Salon Owner, Skin Essentials

“A dedicated professional in the spa industry Richard is driven to help provide his years of experience to help further others along. Thank you for this guide to marketing ,your invaluable resources are perfect for these days of social media.”

Lori Nestore


Teacher, Writer, Collaborator

“I had the great pleasure to work with Richard at Pangea Organics. When started representing the brand, he reached out to me in the most friendly and passionate manner to offer me coaching sessions. Being coached by Richard Merrill is a true privilege and an enlightening experience. He is knowledgeable, creative and extremely caring. Besides educating me in the latest sales techniques, he gave me valuable skin care tips and suggestions on the best way to use our products. I know Richard was truly invested in helping me to succeed and grow my business. During the time we worked together, I had the honor of meeting him twice in person. As soon as we met I felt a natural affinity with him. Richard is charming, intelligent and fun to work with! I think many would agree, that to know him is to love him! During our Pangea Organics meetings, I learned great tips for skin care and currently use a summary written by a beauty blogger of his skin care demonstration as a go to manual anytime I am asked for advice on how to properly care for skin and utilize our products. I also greatly appreciate the Pangea Organics skin care educational videos he created. Richard is a wonderful speaker and knows how to engage his audience. I highly recommend Richard Merrill both as a sales mentor and as an expert in skin care and product knowledge. He is a beautiful human being with a great heart and a rare talent for engaging his colleagues.”

JESSE CORMIER, Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP)


Licensed Esthetician & Director of Industry Relations at Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP)

“Richard Merrill has an excellent background as a professional esthetician, a skin care educator, and is fantastic at marketing! He would be a true asset as a consultant!”

Accomplishment Highlights

2009, Ms. Albie Presidents Club Award - $160,000 in sales in 6 months, AVON

2009, Licensed Esthetician - California

2009, Opened First Treatment Room - Located inside HairPlaay Studio; Los Angeles, Ca

2014, Launched University of Pangea - National Beauty Business Education Program

2015, Maintained a 100% Passing Rate as an Esthetics Instructor; Lake Forest, CA

2016, Game Changer for Industry Leadership and Education, The Skin Games

2016, 2nd Place Peoples Choice, The Skin Games

2016, Opened Second Treatment Room - Sola Salon Studios; Artesia, CA

2017, 3rd Top Aesthetician in the Nation, Aesthetic Everything Awards

2017, Business of the Year presented by Universal Companies at The Skin Games

2019, Licensed Esthetician - Washington

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