Adding Cause Marketing to your Spa Business

marketing spa business Jun 26, 2020

As a spa owner it was my mission to give back every chance I had. Some of the ways I was able to implement cause marketing into my business included supporting brands with socially responsible initiatives, providing services to victims of domestic violence and undergoing cancer treatments and even sponsoring community events for cancer awareness, human trafficking and civil rights organizations to raise funds and awareness. These are matters that to me require support and understanding and using my business as a platform to move these issues closer to solutions was something that brought me great joy and fulfillment outside of the treatment room. As a consultant it is a mission of mine to encourage more business owners to increase their cause marketing efforts in their business.

Cause marketing, or socially responsible marketing, is a means of gaining positive publicity, enhancing your brand and driving sales by affiliating your business with a “cause.”

Follow these steps to successful include cause marketing into your business planning efforts:

  • CHOOSE A RELEVANT CAUSE. For instance, a spa could support melanoma awareness or oncology causes. If most of your customers are local, you may want to focus on a local organization; if you sell online, you may want to focus on a national cause.
  • RESEARCH THE ORGANIZATION. Make sure there are no skeletons in the closet.
  • CHOOSE YOUR FORM OF SUPPORT. This could include volunteering, contributing money or donating a percentage of sales.
  • UNDERSTAND TAX ISSUES. If you are donating funds or a percentage of your sales, have your accountant review tax issues.
  • PUBLICIZE YOUR CAUSE. Tell customers about your involvement with the cause by promoting it in all of your marketing and PR activities.
  • BE AUTHENTIC. Customers can tell when you’re not passionate about a cause and are just using it as a marketing ploy. Make sure you're investing time into a cause that is important to you.

For more support on adding cause marketing to your business strategy enroll in The Complete Spa Business Regimen today. Not only will you learn how to create a unique brand identity for increased sales and streamlined marketing but you will also learn advanced marketing skills to set you apart from the competition. To learn more CLICK HERE




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