Richard Merrill Consulting is ready to make you the next Six-Figure spa brand!


Richard Merrill Consulting, LLC, has a personal and professional commitment to assisting licensed professionals in achieving a profitable practice with a unique brand identity.

Our Mission is to incorporate, educate and elevate spa professionals to focus their attention on providing quality products and services in their community with fundamental business skills and a unique brand identity. 

Our Vision is to secure financial freedom, boost confidence and demand a respected professional industry for spa professionals like you! Each year Richard Merrill Consulting seeks to impact the success of 100 spa professionals, empowering you and your business to generate predictable incomes to fund your exit strategy for a stress free retirement!

Our Culture is the foundation upon which we strive to create value for our clients and deliver exceptional service to industry leaders, owners, employees and salon guests.

Richard Merrill Consulting Values:

  • Accountability

  • Empathy

  • Equality

  • Generosity

  • Integrity

It is our hope that the values expressed in these words resonate with you. After all, sharing common values is the cornerstone for a healthy and sustainable relationship.



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About the Founder

Richard Merrill has a strong belief in creating a highly-engaged community through experiential sales and marketing strategies forged through every aspect of business development.

As an award winning, creative, out of the box thinker and business leader from a diverse background, it was Richard's vision to create a solution for automating sales and marketing strategies. Too many spa professionals lacked a professional strategy, clear message or the time to execute solid business practices.

Passionate and productive professionals are falling short of their goals month after month. Richard Merrill decided to do something about it. That something is Richard Merrill Consulting.

Richard feels that the most engaged brands don't just provide a product or a service; they evoke an emotion within their community. They don't just embody a single persona; they motivate our entire community. As times change, these brands adhere to a deeper purpose at the core of their identity and keep producing the products, services, and stories that embody their original vision.

More than just a fitting logo or a memorable tagline, the brands created here are entire client experiences. Every day, after bonding to understand what each unique brand needs our team works together to formulate a winning strategy, design a professional brand identity, and assist you in communicating your message to the world.

Richard Merrill Consulting is who we are and creative business strategy is what we do best.


Schedule a 30 minutes complimentary consultation where together we will perform an in-depth business needs assessment and review the award-winning Business Snapshot Report to give you a clear overview of your business needs. At the end of this call you will walk away equipped with the answers you need to start growing your business immediately.




My first treatment room in 2009 located inside HairPlaay Studio in Los Angeles, CA
Showing a NASNPRO Attendee the business boosting benefits of Advanced Mineral Makeup
My Spa Suite in the Sola Salon Studio Artesia Location in 2016
Richard Merrill's first job as a professional an educator for a Professional Spa Brand. Lotus Moon provided me the first opportunity to fly as an adult.
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Kids Spa party with Spa-Go's Luxury Mobile Spa Services
2016 Game Changer for Industry Education and Leadership, 2nd Place People Choice and other award recipients at The Skin Games hosted in San Ramon, CA
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Richard Merrill with LightStim Director of Education, Amy Gardner at the 2016 Skin Games Competition in San Ramon, CA
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Richard Merrill sharing his passion for the TUEL Deep Pore Cleansing Duo at the 2017 IECSC Las Vegas Tradeshow
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